Pride in Our Community

The University of Pittsburgh Police Department takes pride in the proactive programs it offers in the Pitt community and in surrounding Pittsburgh neighborhoods. These include safety talks, Rape Aggression Defense, and Residence Officer programs as well as community crime prevention groups. Pitt Police K9 officers make regular appearances on campus to promote safety.

Campus Safety Image

Campus Safety

The University of Pittsburgh Police contribute to a positive college experience by providing a safe environment in which to live, learn, and work. 

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SAFE Program

SAFE is a crime-victim prevention and awareness program sponsored by the National Self-Defense Institute, Inc. The program teaches students a variety of self-defense tactics and options.

Police Chief James Loftus meets with students during the annual Safety Fair.

Meet Chief Loftus

In his sixth year as chief of Pitt's police department, James Loftus says the best way for he and his 91 officers to earn respect is to be out talking to students, faculty and staff and “not holding ourselves separate.”