Going Home for the Holidays? Protect Yourself from Theft

Going home for the holidays is great, but did you remember to lock your apartment door?  And if you frequently have packages delivered to your doorstep, did you put a stop on your deliveries?  Failing to do just a couple things can be a clear sign to potential burglars that your place is ripe for the pickings.

Burglary Prevention Tips

  • Hold mail through the post office while you're away.
  • Secure the windows and doors of your home.
  • Take valuables -- electronics, laptops, game consoles, jewelry, cash -- home with you.
  • Notify a trusted neighbor.

Tips for Avoiding Porch Pirates

  • Track your packages using tracking numbers and test/email notiifcations.
  • Be available for delivery
  • Requre a signature
  • Choose in-store pickup
  • Keep a security camera or doorbell camera pointed at your doorstep.