Community Programs Unit


To help maintain a strong relationship with the University and surrounding communities, we provide many services and resources to university affiliates and local residents. Our Community Programs Unit, led by Lt. Brad Kiefer, is comprised of officers dedicated to interact with community members and act as liaisons between the general public and our Police Department.  Their primary focus is to address the safety concerns of the University’s students, staff and faculty as well as potential students and their parents.  For more information or to speak with someone from our Community Programs Unit email Lt. Kiefer at

Student Services

  • Freshman Orientation: All incoming freshman are encouraged to attend an orientation with all service-related departments. During the session, students are given an overview of how the police department operates and serves their security needs.
  • Safety Talks: Throughout the year, safety talks may be requested by various organizations (i.e. Athletics, sororities and fraternities, Student Government Board, etc.). Students will receive a variety of safety tips and learn about the emergency phones on campus and how they operate. 
  • SAFE is a crime-victim prevention and awareness program sponsored by the National Self-Defense Institute, Inc. This program teaches students a variety of self-defense tactics and options if confronted by an attacker. Residence Officer Program provides an opportunity for the Pitt Police and the students to work together in a non-confrontational setting.
  • Emergency Evacuation Drills: These drills are conducted by Pitt's Environmental Health and Safety department. 
  • Campus Crime Report

Faculty Staff

Staff Association Council (SAC) - The Staff Association Council is an official University organization for shared governance composed of elected representatives from classified University staff not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. An important communication link between staff members and the administration, SAC makes recommendations to the University administration on matters of general University concern, particularly staff related issues. The Police Department brings the issues of safety and security to the organization.

Oakland & Pittsburgh

  • Pitt Police cameras located at various locations around the Oakland Campus creates a safer environment for everyone.  
    Demonstration Video  |  Video Use Policy
  • Oakland Business Improvement District (OBID) is dedicated to improving the cleanliness, appearance, and perception of safety in Oakland, bringing about revitalization, preserving Oakland's unique commercial environment, and undertaking marketing and development initiatives to make Oakland a vibrant destination for visitors, residents, owners, employees, and students.
  • Nuisance Bar Task Force is comprised of Pitt police working with the City of Pittsburgh's NBTF, Pa. Liquor Control Board, and community leaders throughout the city. Its mission is to keep a pulse on nuisance bars by reporting incidents to the task force, after which citations are issued and the bar is placed on a watch list, and if the conduct continues, steps are taken to close the establishment.
  • Job Fairs give the public an opportunity to speak with an officer and the department's human resource representative concerning work environment. Job fairs take place at the University's main site and at various universities and institutions throughout the state.
  • Salvation Army "Treasures for Children" is a program in which the Pitt police participate yearly to collect and distribute toys.