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Helping Students Stay SAFE

SAFE (Self Defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange) is a crime-victim prevention and awareness program sponsored by the National Self-Defense Institute, Inc.

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Public Safety Building

The Pitt Police Station is located on the first three floors of the Jerome Cochran Public Safety Building.

Status - Normal

The University of Pittsburgh is operating normally at this time.


Campus Safety

The University of Pittsburgh Police help contribute to a positive college experience by providing a safe environment to live, learn, and work. 

Watch the video below to learn more about our department and campus safety:

SAFE Program

Self Defense Awareness Familiarization Exchange

SAFE is a crime-victim prevention and awareness program sponsored by the National Self-Defense Institute, Inc. This program teaches students a variety of self-defense tactics and options if confronted by an attacker....

Pride in Our Community

The University of Pittsburgh Police takes pride in the proactive programs offered in the Pitt community and in the Oakland and surrounding Pittsburgh neighborhoods. These include safety talks, Rape Aggression Defense, and Residence Officer programs as well as community crime prevention groups. Pitt Police’s K9 officers make regular appearances on campus to promote safety.


Arrest Made

The University of Pittsburgh Police Department is pleased to announce an arrest in conjunction with two Indecent Assault incidents that occurred on the steps leading up to the Litchfield Towers from Forbes Avenue and another between David Lawrence Hall and the Hillman Library, on July 12, 2015.


The subject, Bochy Fu, was charged with Indecent Assault, Harassment and Stalking. Bochy, who resides in the Oakland area has had similar incidents in the past which also resulted in arrests by our department.


Without the timely notification and the thorough investigation, this arrest would not have been possible. Our community is a safer place as a result of the hard work and persistence by all involved.

See Something? Say Something.

The Pitt Police asks you to be our eyes and ears around campus. If you notice any suspicious activity, please contact us or the City of Pittsburgh Police.

It's On Us

The University of Pittsburgh does not tolerate sexual violence of any kind. To show our commitment to preventing sexual violence in our community, Pitt is participating in the White House Task Force’s “It’s On Us” initiative. Visit www.itsonus.org to join your fellow students in signing the pledge.


For more information on Pitt’s efforts toward education and prevention of sexual violence, visit http://www.share.pitt.edu To report an incident of sexual misconduct, visit http://www.share.pitt.edu/get-help/reporting-sexual-violence for a list of options.