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What should you do if you find yourself in an active killer situation? Watch this video, created by Student Affairs featuring our Pitt police officers, to find out.

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For Safety's Sake 2016

The 2016 issue of For Safety's Sake is now available! 

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Helping Students Stay SAFE

SAFE (Self Defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange) is a crime-victim prevention and awareness program sponsored by the National Self-Defense Institute, Inc.

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Public Safety Building

The Pitt Police Station is located on the first three floors of the Jerome Cochran Public Safety Building.

Status - Normal

The University of Pittsburgh is operating normally at this time.


Campus Safety

The University of Pittsburgh Police help contribute to a positive college experience by providing a safe environment to live, learn, and work. 

Watch the video below to learn more about our department and campus safety:

SAFE Program

Self Defense Awareness Familiarization Exchange

SAFE is a crime-victim prevention and awareness program sponsored by the National Self-Defense Institute, Inc. This program teaches students a variety of self-defense tactics and options if...

Pride in Our Community

The University of Pittsburgh Police takes pride in the proactive programs offered in the Pitt community and in the Oakland and surrounding Pittsburgh neighborhoods. These include safety talks, Rape Aggression Defense, and Residence Officer programs as well as community crime prevention groups. Pitt Police’s K9 officers make regular appearances on campus to promote safety.



As our recent Crime Alerts have indicated, there have been burglaries reported in the South Oakland area.  We would like to take this occasion to remind all residents of our community to secure all windows and doors.  Criminals are opportunistic and taking simple safety measures such as securing your door(s) can prevent you from becoming a victim.

If you encounter any suspicious activity, please contact our department immediately at “412-624-2121” or Pittsburgh PD at “911”.    Any detailed information on the encounter would be beneficial.

Officer Recognition

Detective Michelle McDaniel

Detective Michelle McDaniel

Years of service:  20 years

Education: Graduate of South Fayette High School. Received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from California University of Pennsylvania. While at Cal U I was an active member of the Delta Zeta Sorority. Upon graduation I attended the Allegheny County Police Academy, completing my training in April 1996.

Background:  I began my law enforcement career at Heidelberg Police Dept. in 1996 as a patrol officer. In 1997 I was hired with University of Pittsburgh Police Dept. I have been a patrol officer for 19 years, 9 of which were on bike patrol. In 2014 I was assigned to the Investigation Unit where I currently work as a Detective.  I also am a SAFE (Situational Awareness and Familiarization Exchange), SHARP (Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention) and LAP (Lethality Assessment Program) instructor. 

Interests: My ultimate joy comes from being a mother to my 8 yr. old son, Connor. I also enjoy travelling, camping, hiking, biking and just being outdoors with family and friends.


Recently, our university, along with several other local universities within the greater Pittsburgh area have had students lured into online blackmail incidents. The male students are initially contacted via social media, such as Facebook. After a brief conversation, the males are asked to continue the conversations via Skype. The males are encouraged to perform sexual acts in view of the camera. They are then contacted by the unknown subject claiming they have videoed the event and demand money. They are told the video will be sent to friends and family via social media if payment is not made.


We are urging everyone to be careful about what they post online. Remember, once something is posted online, it is almost impossible to completely remove it.


If you encounter this type of incident, please contact our department immediately at (412) 624-2121.