Guard Faruk Ahmed

Guard Faruk Ahmed

Name: Khondaker Faruk Ahmed

Years of Service: 10 Years

Education: Master of Public and International Affairs from GSPIA, University of Pittsburgh. Master of Defense Studies from National University. Bachelor of Economics and History from University of Chittagong.

Background: Worked as a Military Officer for 23 Years. Served as a United Nation Peace keeper in Georgia-Russia and in Iraq-Kuwait. Proud to be a member of UPPD to serve the University of Pittsburgh community. Besides me, my wife is an MBA from KATZ Business School, one son is a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics from PITT Greensburg, my other son is in his senior year pursuing Chemical Engineering degree from SWANSON School of Engineering and my daughter is a freshman in PITT Greensburg. We are a proud PITT Family. Besides working with UPPD I work as an Investment Adviser for a Financial Institution.

Interest: I love traveling around the world exploring diverse landscape, people, culture and food. Cooking and reading occupies most of my leisure time. I enjoy playing Soccer and Cricket.