Did You Know...?

DID YOU KNOW that University of Pittsburgh Police Officers:

  • … are all Pennsylvania ACT 120 certified. Having completed between 758 - 919 hours of training at a Commonwealth approved Police Academy.

  • … complete 16 hours of mandatory in-service training presented by the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission.

  • … participate in Patrol Response to Active Killer training at least once a year.

  • … are all trained in initial patrol response to sexual assault (Detectives have advanced training in these types of incidents).

  • … are Crisis Intervention Team certified. “CIT” is a certification that helps law enforcement officers recognize and react more effectively and safely with persons with a mental illness. Currently 80% of the department is certified.

  • … participate annually in 8 hours of use of force decision making training using a firearms simulator.

  • … have completed 15 hours of Cultural Awareness training that includes subjects such as Anti-Bias for Law Enforcement, Racial Profiling, Implicit Bias, LGBTIQ+ issues, Investigating hate crimes, Civil Rights, and Community Policing.

  • … have collectively completed over 2560 individual courses on Police One Academy, the industry leader in online police training.