Police agencies within the local area are investigating reports of unauthorized withdrawal of funds from banking accounts.  It is believed that account information is being compromised by a skimming device that is being placed on ATM’s. 

A skimming device is an unauthorized electronic card reader that is placed on an ATM allowing criminals to access and fraudulently use financial data.  The device often seamlessly blends into the ATM façade making it virtually undetectable.  The device contains a magnetic strip reader that scans your card, and often includes a pinhole camera to capture the pin code.

When using an ATM, pay close attention for details, looking for anything out of place.  Protect your pin, use your hand to shield pin as you enter it.  Routinely check your account for any unauthorized transactions or withdrawals.  And, please promptly report any suspicious activity or people to the police by calling “911” or University of Pittsburgh Police at “412-624-2121.”